Being a good nurse requires an individual to sacrifice a lot of his or her private time and demonstrate compassion to patients in need of medical assistance. A good nurse’s attention can help in reducing the pain or anxiety experienced by the patients during treatment.

The first reason that makes me interested in nursing is the shortage of culturally competent nurses in the United States. Currently, there is a need for nurses who are culturally competent to help in treating the culturally diversified patient population in the United States. I believe that my Chinese background and knowledge in English will make me a good nurse capable of attending to the large population patients of Asian origins in the United States. Though I’ve used as an online writing sources for academic needs, I think I’m a good student and may do much help for people. Many health care organizations point out the difficulty in treating patients with Asian backgrounds due to the language barrier and significantly different cultural practices. I intend to bridge the gap through my knowledge of Chinese and English languages and cultural practices.

 The second reason I want to become a nurse is to gain knowledge that will allow me to look after my parents. I also intend to use the knowledge to look after other patients in need of a caring person to help them through their illnesses. In China, we value family bonds and the welfare of other society members particularly during times of need. Patients need to be cared for with empathy, and I believe that what I have learnt about family values will make me a good nurse. I also believe that health care institutions should consider patients as family members because this will improve the quality of services offered to the patients. Finally, I gained valuable experience at the LAC+USC and the UCLA Medical Centers while working as one of the volunteers. I realized the importance of helping people because the patients and their families showed a lot of gratitude for the things I did for the patients.